RG_THP_Website Wrote:
Nov 20, 2012 5:13 PM
Just How Ignorant are Liberal Progressives? Liberal Progressives maintain that 'Profiling Muslims' at Airports is 'Racist'?? Liberal ignorance is breath taking - Islam is NOT a race or skin color - it is comprised of people from all Races and Skin colors - how in the Hell can profiling for Islamic Terrorists be Racist? If someone and/or their family and friends are in an Aircraft that suffers 'Explosive Decompression of the Cabin' - they will not have time to care what 'Skin Color' or what ethnic ancestry the Bomber has, but Liberals will be able to say - "Well. we may have lost 300 people in the Aircraft and 100 more on the ground when the aircraft crashed, but at least we didn't profile."