Elucidated1 Wrote:
Nov 20, 2012 10:28 AM
For Limbaugh to suggest that it was Obama who is deviding this country is a tiny bit disingenuous. Rush, Hannity, BIll O, all of them just hammered Obama over and over on EVERYthing. . .the tea party and afterbirthers got it started, hoping no birth certificate would bring Obama down, then Solyndra, then F & F, and now Beghazi. GOP leadership openly said "we are going to shut this government down" ... .how patriotic. But now things are a little different. As more and more states turn blue and minorities are convinced that the Repulbican party has nothing to offer them the handwriting is on the wall. But the GOP coup de gras was US women. . .who creamed Republican candidates in several states . . .and denounced Romney.