kriney Wrote:
Nov 19, 2012 3:37 PM
This is NOT a DEBATE! It's a Vile attack on the Roman Catholic Church! Mary, Mother of Jesus, the Christ, needs No defense from me or anyone who respects her as the Mother of The Christ. The Holy Spirit, Abba Adoni, & her Son, love & protect her. WOE to you foul mouthed children of the Prince of this world..your days will be few....Woe to those who call themselves "Christians", yet, dis-respect the mother of the God you profess to believe in....Woe to you given the gift of Faith, you spit in the Face of Abba Adoni, our Creator God.....The day is coming, when your words will have no defense, & you will become the Horror that you have vomited in these posts. This is not my opinion, these are God's Words.