jerry609 Wrote:
Nov 19, 2012 1:49 PM
Eddie: Get Your hands on any silver or gold that You can. Whether coins or jewelry. When the hyperinflation hit the fan a loaf of bread goes for a $1000.00 in paper U.S. dollars You might be able to buy that loaf of bread with a couple of silver pre 1964 quarters. Silver and gold will skyrocket. Under pres. Carters reign of error gold was trading in the $800.00 an oz. range. When Reagan instituted sound monetary policy gold dropped down in the $300.00 per oz. range. What is gold and silver trading for now? Be prepared and forwarned. Geitner wants to drop the debt ceiling. Why? These village idiots that rule us now, and make no mistake, it is rule, this is on purpose. Stockpile, Your and Your family will depend on it.