Tea Party in Wisconsin formerlyTea Party Wrote:
Nov 19, 2012 1:20 PM
Yep what does the pusillanimous Obama regime have on the chicken we call Chief Justice? HE allowed us to be tortured with Obamacare. So we hear all the weeping and wailing throughout the election cycle about the Won having the SCOTUS appointments, and it will change the SCOTUS for decades..BIG DEAL..What difference will it make, he's betrayed us already. And our so called House of Representatives will just roll over again and give him everything he demands with Boehner whining he only has One Third of One Third of the government, ignoring the FACT it is one of the more powerful thirds of the Government. Benghazi happened because Boehner didn't have the guts or the inclinatin to recall Congress and make a fight of it. And Barry along