Radley2 Wrote:
Nov 19, 2012 11:21 AM
While this is bad... lying and covering up what happened. The real issues that he and many of his minions should fry for are: 1) denying requests for additional security for weeks before the attack... and in fact taking the secuity team out of the area. This almost makes it seem as if they knew it was coming and didn't want a fight to take place. 2) Not sending any help to the location, despite requests for it and it being less than an hour flight away. two F16's would have done it... a C-130 gun ship (less than 2 hours flight)... specail forces (less than 2 hours away)... OR an armed drone. They got one with a camera there... Again, this makes it seem as if they didn't want a fight. 3) Did the president lie again about telling the