duggy2 Wrote:
Nov 19, 2012 8:18 AM
the fed is the enemy..the fed is a private bank incorporated in delaware...they, the fed, have the right to print money...wooooh! nice franchise...the fed can print federal reserve notes and pretend they are united states notes... the fed can loan these bogus bux to other banxx which can loan out 10 times the amount of the borrow...the fed can lend the money to you and me by "purchasing" u s bonds with frn's. ..our taxbux all go to pay down the loan and its vig...it aint working too well. .now is it? 16 trillion and skyrocketing 16 trill bux laid end to end would reach 1.5 billion miles out into space somewhere between saturn and neptune...60 times around planet earth...doesnt anybody see a problem here ? a basic operating mistak