PhillupSpace2 Wrote:
Nov 18, 2012 9:32 PM
I like that, Smitty: "Like stepping off the pitchers mound" Republicans in the house are afraid of their shadow! They are terrified of some bad press. Mommie never told them about sticks and stones! Frankly, we wouldn't be in this mess if there were some spines in the Republican party as stiff as Thatchers! There have been plenty of opportunities to say no but not the will. Let the darn thing expire, all of it. That will put a few of the 49% back on the tax rolls. And what was this jive about lowering FICA witholding by 2% in the first place? The ones that needed the help were those without jobs, not those who were lucky enough to still have a job! And that 2% was stolen from future Social Security recipients, bankrupti