Doug3370 Wrote:
Nov 18, 2012 2:09 PM
"There is no difference". Of course there's a difference. Unless, that is, you actually, really, truly cannot see any difference between the mass murder of a whole people with gas chambers and roundups etc., and the provision of contraceptives to women who want children in their own time but not right now. In the one case, the future is vastly different, and all to the worse, compared to what it would have been but for that mass murder. In the other case, the difference is a matter mostly of timing. Trivializing what the Nazis did by equating every other bad thing to it is, well, a bad thing. So bad, it's a kind of mass murder of its own. [No, I take that bad. It's a {lesser} bad thing.] You should take back this reckless equation.