Andy544 Wrote:
Nov 17, 2012 10:09 PM
Thanks for a thoughtful and timely message. We are moving rapidly into 'post-Christian America', if not already there. The GOP has 'played' the Christian conservative right like a cheap $2 banjo for the past 30 years, promising much and delivering little. And WHY SHOULD Caesar be tasked with building God's kingdom? That is OUR job, not Caesar's. We have been 'hiring' and trusting the WRONG people to do it. The 'un-reality' of the situation became glaringly obvious this campaign: a Left-of-center Massachussets liberal, member of a recognized Christian 'cult', re-packaged and 'sold' to the GOP faithful as a 'born again Christian conservative'! Billy Graham obligingly dropped the LDS from the list of 'cults' to placate the political machine!