DHWood Wrote:
Nov 17, 2012 8:09 PM
Conservatives constantly put down the welfare state, but what they never seem to grasp is it's not just for poor lazy losers. Let's take part of the big government welfare - the FDIC. Now someone tell me in what world the 150k or now 250K "guaranteed" bank balance the US Gov insures is in any way "welfare for the poor lazy fraudsters"... There are probably 100 examples of US Gov programs as large and larger right now that cover the rich, the well to do, those with large 401k's, those with hefty bank balances above the mere less than $2,000 total one is allowed to have while on welfare (barely over a month's expenses). The problem we now have in the USA is WELFARE is for the middle class, the upper mid, the lowr mid, the rich, the well to