Topeka Wrote:
Nov 17, 2012 5:24 PM
Re; Trolls 1. It depends on the website. 2. Some nicey nice websites don't want any conflict, or negative comments - fine - but then they let the trolls spew. 3. This is a political website - and even those who are regulars occasionally shoot at each other. Which is fine. 4. But remember - for every one of us there's a spam bot, a paid troll, and a confused metrosexual kid in his mother's basement, not to mention some Useful Idiot at a University - all being used, if not paid by the Left to Post. 5. This COMBOX is a form of Agitprop - and Apologetics - and Persuasion - and Sermon - and Therapy - and Relief. Conclusion Some posts demand answers - not for the Troll - but for the audience.