kenneth416 Wrote:
Nov 17, 2012 5:05 PM
While I think that sequestration is an awful way to force cuts in spending, I do believe that considerable cuts can be made in the DoD budget with minimal harm to our national defense. We could start with man/womanpower cuts, especially on the civilian side. Next, we could reduce rank across the board (can anyone justify having more flag officers--generals and admirals--than we had at the peak of WWII, when there were 11 M people under arms?) We have full colonels and naval captains doing the jobs which could easily be done by O-4's or O-5's. Then we could get into specifics--can anyone justify each "Chief," of which there are 9 or 10 having his own Gulfstream VI or VII, costing upward of $30M each? How about the purchase of 179 --