LAURIE7 Wrote:
Nov 17, 2012 4:55 PM
Do you realize that 75% of all illegal aliens (they are not "immigrants" as "immigrants'" legally means those who come respecting the law!) are Mexicans. Mexico has an agenda to take over first the SW of this nation (google "Aztlan" or "la Reconquista") and then the entire nation if they can hack it, they plan on killing the gr-ngo (white people), and doing an "ethnic cleaning" to force everyone not of Mex. descent to leave. They were teaching this in public schools in AZ (called Mex.-Amer. Studies or Raza Studies) until they were recently exposed and these classes have been stopped in AZ. Check if your state has them and get rid of them: they teach "hate" & "Revolution". Get from pub. library: "Occupied America";"Message to Aztlan".