LAURIE7 Wrote:
Nov 17, 2012 4:46 PM
Mr. Bowyer is playing with fire! Yes, there is another way and No, we cannot afford the millions here (and many statistical organizations say there is 50 MILLION ILLEGALS - NOT 15 Million! WE HAVE 23 MILLION AMERICANS OUT OF WORK AND ANOTHER 7 MILLION UNDEREMPLOYED - WHO DO YOU THINK HAS STOLEN THE JOBS, MR. BOWYER! How? They accept lower pay, undercut American wages and thus "steal" (yes, steal! and don't give a d--- if Americans can't feed our children!).Historical proof? Arizona implemented the E-Verify System and hundreds of thousands left our state. If we make an E-Verify mandatory nationwide -theywill leave! Also, hundreds of thousands of illegals are violent criminals and have murdered tons of Americans! And terrorists among them!