Gazinya Wrote:
Nov 17, 2012 4:31 PM
For one, I disagree with your inclusion of Rush Limbaugh in that group of elitists. Because Mr. Limbaugh is a true Conservative is not to say 'he was ALL IN with the Romney pick. If you have listened to him on a somewhat regular basis you would know, as I do, that Rush is as flumixed as I in the continuing debacle called Republican Conservatisim. For another, we, who claim Christian values have never been allowed to express those values in an open forum in the Republican Party. Too many 'oh puuuulllllllleeezzzzeeee', to get past 'content of character over skin color'. If the Constitution is not for an unreligious or an immoral people then let the Conservative voice their point of view. We see the other view in action and it sucks.