christiancon Wrote:
Nov 17, 2012 11:33 AM
..have done it in his 1st term and tried but was thwarted on Hillary Care and huge tax increases and the other day I watched a replay of a debate in 92 with Perot, Clinton and GHWB and the same catch phrases were in play - the top 1%, the wealthy need to pay more, the need for greater government involvement etc. This has been brewing for many years and decades but this last 20 has seen it accelerate at warp speed. GHWB had his "Kind Gentler Nation" and GWB his "Compassionate Conservatism" all euphemisms for "the lefts way' is really best and conservatism really isnt- GWB and GHWB just wanted a slower pace while BJ and Obama wanted and are getting what they came for.