christiancon Wrote:
Nov 17, 2012 11:29 AM
Very accurate respresentation of our current state of affairs. But I must say my first inclination of this was in 1992 when BJ won. I saw GHWB look at his watch and sigh- as though he just really didnt have much time for all of this. It was as if he was saying: I have had enough, the Reagan era is over and I must be moving along. I have seen it daily since. An avalanche of liars, deceivers and anti American haters who sack every decent thing this country has ever done. They mock our founders, reframe our history and demand a transformation. Clinton, GWB and Obama - all three of these were preceded by the demise of GHWB and have laid claim to the largest amount of money being spent in our history in the shortest possible time. Clinton would