mmattei241 Wrote:
Nov 17, 2012 9:38 AM
Eff off bub-these ILLEGAL aliens are here primarily to sponge off our ridiculous welfare state. They will always vote democrat, ALWAYS because it's the dems that are passing out the goodies. You ask how we can deport 15M ILLEGALS-one bus at a time. 1) Seal the damn border, man it with our military 2) requite E-verify for all employment and rental 3) state any one here illegally has 30 days to self deport and get back in line, after that they are persona non grata FOREVER 4) deport every ILLEGAL in prison once they sentence is completed 5) absolutely no participation in any welfare program by ILLEGALS You're stupid as the day is long moron and it's sickening to read your idiocy-they're destroying our culture and our country.