Kuwull Wrote:
Nov 17, 2012 9:31 AM
While all you supposed true conservatives scream about the one or two things of which you disagree with Ron Paul about, you fume over the defeat of Romney, who you disagreed with MANY things. WHy not look at how much of what a president believes in, he actually gets done. 30%? So, if Romney had been elected and got 30% of the very little he differed from Obama on, the net difference in government spending would be, what? If Ron Paul got 30% of the cuts he wanted, total government expenditures may have actually declined. Maybe we would have cut 30% of the totally un-needed bases around the world? Maybe we would actually make a small dent in the unfettered disaster of the Fed and IMF and Fannie and Freddie? But never mind, he's too radical