DHWood Wrote:
Nov 17, 2012 6:40 AM
You have the whole thing wrong. Let me help you people who do not live in the real world. Herman Cain would have won. Sarah Palin could have won without McShame the traitor. Ron Paul kept winning every debate and crowd, but somehow I think he would have been assassinated, and it appears the CIA did enough dirty work to keep him out, not to mention the raging Repubs, but make no mistake, his popularity is far beyond Romney's and McCain even for moderates, as we have a TRUTH TELLER, like Palin, like Cain, TRUTH TELLERS. Donald Trump told the truth as well. White or black, man or woman, this race or that race, it just doesn't matter. The problem with Republicans is they have this MADDENING "seniority" thing going with the top down command.