JohnnyWard Wrote:
Nov 17, 2012 12:42 AM
Americans Are Becoming Marks-ists ! Congratulations, all you dumb Americans, Americanos, Amerikans etc.! The 2012 Presidential election was won by you who put a Mark on a ballot and chose to give up your freedom for "things" offered by God-banning, election-cheating (and now back-stabbing) Marks-ists! You may not know it, but the Mark you chose can lead you straight to the Mark of the Beast found in the book of Revelation (chapters 13 and 14) - and if you choose that Mark, the same Scripture warns that you will literally (and stupidly) be giving up your eternal soul for more "things." Meanwhile don't worry, you ingrate Americanimals. You won't have to remove "God" from all 50 of your state constitutions or from