Enquirer Wrote:
Nov 16, 2012 11:05 PM
Compassionate conservatism; example: Terrorists attacked America on 9/11. In return military industrial complex is funded with 2-4 trillion dollars and 5000 soldiers were sent to death to unseat Saddam Hussain. Connection? The best opportunity to take the nations consent to expand military industrila complex. Who gets the uncontested bid for recostruction? Haliburton. What does Haliburotn do? Move its head quarters to UAE (Yes, they are not head quartered in US anymore). Whatever happened to the real prepetrators of 9/11? They hid under their noses and procreated. Yes, BIN LADEN remarried and had children during Bush's war on terror. It took Obama to cut down this criminal war of Iraq and kill Bin Laden. Sorry conservatives,