DHE Wrote:
Nov 16, 2012 5:14 PM
Most people I know vote their pocketbooks. Conservatives I know certainly urge that people do, but disagree, of course, with liberals about what is good for their pockekbooks. As for that whole $1.89 thing, I am sure even Newt Gingrich understands how silly that is. The price went down briefly when the fed was battling the economic crisis. And then it went back up where it had been. E.g. Consumer News has the nat. av. gas price for 1/0-8-$2.98, 2/09-1.68, 1/10-3.07. And, you do realize that the president does not set gas prices, right?There's a futures market. Before you call me stupid, I was for Romney. Conservatives?- well, I'm not sure they didn't secretly want Obama because they did everything they could to help.