Magna Wrote:
Nov 16, 2012 4:07 PM
Yes -went see my Family Doctor of 30 plus years and had to wait almost 2 hours which was unheard of in days past -I being in decent health -I try to take care of myself -so I have had no need to visit him in several years -and i sat waiting I wondered to myself what is different and why am I having to wait -Ding-the new Health Care Bill -could it be as there were many patients who looked as though they were new to the system and many could not even speak halting English -Humm-we are downgraded once again where it really matters -My Health is Paramount to me and my Loved ones -just wait and see when a catastrophic illness strikes someone you care about -it will hit you so hard you will be gasping for relief and help of any sort -Pray!