Roy323 Wrote:
Nov 16, 2012 3:55 PM
Mr Elder-Your parents OBVIOUSLY did "raise a Man!" But obviously MANY people (of all colors) are not so Lucky!I am not a big believer in ULTIMATUMS of any type-but I feel compelled to say this: I do not feel qualified to address, in any way, the Black Populace; However I have been a White Man most of my life (I'm obviously not dead yet) and for the first 18 years of that life I was quite poor; Poverty-stricken might be a better word choice, so selected the US Military as a new way of life-and it was an ALTERNATIVE OK, but at least I now had more than one pair of shoes! For more than 25 years I did as I was told, went whereever I was directed and PROSPERED-in my view at least, never paying much heed to Politics/Politicians!! I still