Bea44 Wrote:
Nov 16, 2012 2:42 PM
Did anyone notice at the "press conference" how expeditiously Obama flew into a defensive conniption about the efficacy as to Ms. Rice's 5xs Sunday erroneous spew? It appeared that Ms. Rice's reputation (facade) was far more important to protect/shield than the four (4) Americans in Benghazi who begged and pleaded for days and weeks to be rescued. BO ignored their multiple pleas; thus, as a result THEY WERE VICIOUSLY MURDERED. Reportedly, he went to bed (9-11) thence upon awakening, he flew off to party and raised cash w/his Hollyweird cronies. What is wrong with this picture? This man's apathy for American life has been well demonstrated. His lies have been chronic and pathological. Another four (4) years under his auspices???