Ohio_Conservative457 Wrote:
Nov 16, 2012 2:35 PM
I agree Henry.... We didn't... it was STOLEN by Liberal Nutzoid BOE officials and the freebee collectors who would never give up the good life at our expense. At this point... I'd be willing to let them pass tax hikes on the 2%ers... let it happen. The Jobless rate will skyrocket... they will take their money off-shore and protect themselves. The real losers.... Wellllll... that will be the Collectors of the Freebees when the pond goes dry and no more Welfare, HUD, Food Stamps, No More Free Phones, etc. are left! It's already started with Hostess and Dennys! Then and only then, will they stop being idiots and simply voting color or unearned citizenship, much less more free mascara and abortions on demand at our expense. TCG-L