Nov 16, 2012 1:03 PM
DUDGET SMUDGET.... IT REALLY DOES NOT MATTER What does matter is the financial burden imposed upon this nations by vast numbers of domestic dysfunctionals and invader-interlopers from south of the border masquerading as immigrants. It is they, dysfunctionals and invader-interlopers, that are the root cause of this nation's debt crisis and present day National Debt (near ZERO in 1965). This crisis and debt was not caused by wars since 1965 or the Regan military buildup (cost $180 billion dollars over 8 years resulting in a 5 Trillion dollar peace dividend since 1989). Liberals and democrats squandered the Regan peace dividend via the amping of social programs and adding those morphed from such. This... is the reason for the National Debt.