justme16 Wrote:
Nov 16, 2012 11:57 AM
The company bottom line or profit margin is roughtly TEN PERCENT of the gross? give or take. Now with ObamaCare the companies face several options. Immediately lay out $500,000 per year..then hit their employees up IMMEDIATELY for their share ie.e $200 permonth (so employees lose about $2400 per year in TAKE HOME PAY...The business 500K. Or the business can "pay the fines meaning they have an immediate expenditure of $100K per year...The employees do not bring an additional dime into the company...ergo the bottom line Profit Margin is reduced often to the point of INSOLVENCY. With this latter scenario, the employee is STILL FACED with the Individual Mandate and left to shop for their own insurance...(IT AINT FREE)