theabnranger Wrote:
Nov 16, 2012 11:07 AM
The fraud, waste, abuse champions put the spending on a glide path of fiscal insanity when they controlled all of the federal guvmint, 2009-11. Without a budget, the fraud, waste, and abuse continues unabated. The Clower-Piven concept is to bankrupt and destroy the nation, thus to create disorder and mayhem, which ensures they need not let a good crisis go to waste. Thus, they accrue more power by disservice to good people of America. They who voted for these leftist twerps deserve all of the pain that shall come their way. Smarter people will be better able to adapt to anything that comes. The over-emotional and lazy and dumb and undisciplined types, Soetoro, voters, all, will be among the first to be harmed by policies they seek.