noe_g Wrote:
Nov 16, 2012 9:50 AM
There is a whole generation of children - in homosexual homes... who are victims of this 'alternative lifestyle'.... 1. There are no family friendly Gay events. 2. Visit most gay male households and pornographic ART is the norm... 3. Some legwork will show that the homosexual lifestyle is not Ellen or Modern Family. And why not a class action lawsuit by women who don't want to be groped by the Lesbian heavy TSA?? I have a right to be groped by another woman.... not a Maddow man. So far, I have prevailed when I yell "NO LESBIANS" after I decline the back scatter machine. They always back down .. I look over my glasses at the horrified managers.. and say YOU DO NOT WANT TO OPEN THIS CAN OF WORMS>... a real woman or I scream.