erick24 Wrote:
Nov 16, 2012 8:34 AM
The G.O.P. has ignored their base for far too long. The DemocRATS cater to theirs. I am a registered Republican so I can vote for the Conservative in the primaries. I have never been a party loyalist because that might require me to give up my most strongly held values. There appear to be many in the RepublicRAT party that have no core values. They change direction with the wind. How is Mayor "Bloom-burger but no large soda with that" allowed to remain in the party? How is Senator Gr-amnesty who has also waffled on the constitutional right to free speech able to call himself a Republican. The DemocRATS are unflinching on abortion, hounding anyone that does'nt support it out of their party. We ought to do the same with our core values.