Boopboopadoo Wrote:
Nov 16, 2012 8:16 AM
If you are a Democratic voter and you have W-2 income, listen very carefully. YOU CAN'T HIDE IT. Can Warren Buffet protect his income from IRS standard taxation? Yes. Can you? No. Plus none of Mr. Buffett's wealth will help the Treasury after his death - his "trust' will get it all. All the billionaires and multi-multi millionaires do this. This is not a party issue. Mr. Buffett, Mr. Bloomberg, Mr. Corzine & fellow MF Global destroyers, - big Democratic donors. If your W-2 job gives you a good pension, your sacrifice will be rewarded. However, if your job isn't secure, is this just serfdom? Millions of disgusted Greeks, Italians, and Spanish report "some" income, then hide Euros outside the country in secret. Why?