kmattson Wrote:
Nov 15, 2012 9:28 PM
Obama and the unions are getting millions of Americans fired and yet the fools keep voting for htem, unbelieveable, now they get to see what they brought upon themselves.I hope when the debt limit comes up the HOUSE SAYS NO NOMORE and put all these idiots on the street starving and cold. maybe they will wake up to Obama and the unions lies to them and as they say HUNGER IS ONE OF THE STRONGEST TEACHERS, its time them suffer the results, just like Hostess employees now will do. When you suck the lief out of a company YOU END UP UNEMPLOYED, and guess what NO ONE ELSE IS HIRING, and if I owned a business and you came to me with HOSTESS BAKER on your resume, ID SAY NO THANK YOU I WANT TO KEEP MY BUSINESS< AND DONT NEED YOU OR YOUR UNION. NO WAY