william 3905 Wrote:
Nov 15, 2012 9:07 PM
Well intention, well thought out, but, sadly feckless. The Gimmee Knownothings and Gimme Stuffmanns the welfare pimps buy votes from don't care a fiddler's damn about policy---they're Gimmees for God's sake! The Democrats have the ideal policy formula for our dystopian society: 1. Advocate libertine and outrageous morals to satisfy those old enough to vote but too young to begin to remorsefully reflect upon the evil they have done, repent and become decent human beings instead of self-centered narcissists and hedonists. 2. Use class and race warfare as your flagship vote-getting tactic and promise those who go for the lie anything and everything you think they want. My take: no fix is possible. Let it burn.