TJ1583PT49 Wrote:
Nov 15, 2012 1:16 PM
Yeah, because that's what the Republican Party needs: more big-spending bible-thumpers. Newsflash: he wasn't wanted. Romney probably told him to go hiking in outer Mongolia during the election. - they had GW in 2000 (barely won) - they had GW in 2004 (barely won) - they had GW in 2006 (massive loss) - they had GW in 2008 (massive loss) George W. Bush wasn't a conservative. He was a big-spending bible-thumper who drove up the national debt, increased the size of the utterly useless and counter-productive Department of Education, gave us the much-loved (not) TSA, attempted expensive nation-building in Iraq and gave us a half-@ssed R.I.N.O on the bench (Roberts). Love those credentials.