Patricia733 Wrote:
Nov 15, 2012 9:01 AM
What election? If you think for one second this was on the up and up, your dead wrong. This was a fix from the gate. This election had nothing to do with the ANY opposing candidate. I do not think the GOP could have placed a better person, w/ working gray matter. It did not matter. Obama bought this and bought if anyone ever checked more votes then could be considered 100% he was over 100% where it counted Ohio FL, PA, O had lost a small but lost a percentage of the all elusive black vote, he lost a lot of the women vote the ones with gray matter The Hispanic vote at least 20% of the Dem vote and at least 99 % of the rep vote. There was never going to be a win. That was what the 15 Mil BankofAmerica loan was, a pay off for the fix.