David3036 Wrote:
Nov 15, 2012 4:08 AM
You have never answered me on the question of why you would want to encourage gays to marry someone of the opposite sex. There is too much of that already. The Family Pride Coalition says 20 percent of all gay men in the U.S. are in heterosexual marriages and 40 percent of all lesbians are married to a man. Is that fair to women like Mrs. Larry Craig, Mrs Ted Haggard, Mrs. Eric Massa and other unsuspecting wives? Would you want your daughter to marry one? Professor Zhang Bei-chuan at Qingdao University says that about 90 per cent of homosexual men in China are pressured to conform and get married to women. This is not healthy for anybody, and I don't know why you would insist that gays have equality because they have that right.