M444ss Wrote:
Nov 14, 2012 9:22 PM
And most pro-lifers believe that the unborn IS a human life. If your position is correct, then abortion should be okay, but... 1) How do you decide when a fetus becomes a life? Viability outside the womb can't be valid b/c it’s not constant. Technology has made viability possible sooner; so, the viability test is arbitrary. 2) The woman’s right argument supposes that a woman's right to convenience has priority over a baby’s right to life; however, if the fetus is not a human life, then no special right is necessary. Rather than making up a special right for women to justify killing a baby, why don’t pro-choicers state the position honestly: "One can abort a fetus b/c it’s not a human life, it’s just a parasite."