GhostOfCicero Wrote:
Nov 14, 2012 4:55 PM
FunnyGuy Babbles: "how would you k ow you say your only 33 LOL . by the way my Family has done more for Israel then you will in your life time" Get this, chickenshit: I'm the son of a Vietnam vet & 20 year Navy officer. And I sure as hell remember the things he told me about trash like you. He was also Jewish. You think you've "done good for Israel?" How? By buying bonds? Or is voting for people like Jimmuh Cah-tuh & your Jew-hating "president" what you consider "good for Israel?" I support our ally. With my vote & my actions. YOU, who never deigned to serve the country in any capacity, except to see what THEY could get out of it, need not lecture someone like me about "patriotism" for America, nor my concern (as a Jew) for Israel.