Jonathan6 Wrote:
Nov 14, 2012 4:15 PM
See? Here we are quoting facts from the 'Congressional Quarterly' and the WP. Yes, that means a lot to you and me. However, facts didn't win us much in the last election. Reid doesn't care about facts, obviously. Neither does Pelosi or Obama and his entire team. Can we not play this game, too, somehow? Remember how much of a cultural joke we made of Reid when he said: "Word on the street is Mitt hasn't paid taxes", turning it into: "Word on the street Reid is a (insert derogeratory description here)". Or, Obama's "You didn't build that" into: "Yes, I built this". We should focus on facts, yes. Present truth, yes. Yet I think we can still turn the cultural jokes around on these fools because I think overall we're smarter.