SageAdvice68 Wrote:
Nov 14, 2012 1:32 PM
How many of you real Americans could ever be surprised to see this pudsucking pervert Salazar acting like such a tuffy, given the fact he is a leader among the same bunch of pudsucking perverts who are preparing to make HoChiMinhKerry our new Secretary of Defense. Yeap, John Kerry, the SWIFT boat skipper who was awarded a Purple Heart for shooting himself in the butt with a grain of rice. What's next from this pack of un-American pudsucking perverted segregationist Crapheads..... Jane Fonda to replace the PIAPS as Secretary of State? How about Bill Ayers as the new Secretary of Commerce? Reckon Patraeus will be replaced by Louis Farrakhan or possibly Jesse Jackson? Just keep in my folks....All DemoCrapheads SBD's!!