Resist, We Much!!! Wrote:
Nov 14, 2012 1:06 PM
28/31/36/39.6 will raise: FY2013: $40 billion or 11.43 days of government funding. FY2013-2014: $95 billion or 27.14 days of government funding. FY2013-2022: $730 billion or 208.57 days of government funding. Go ahead and raise taxes on the “evil rich,” if it will make you feel better. I just don’t care anymore. Any revenue impact will be negligible, but the costs to employees will be painful. The country has a SPENDING problem. Period. Story. End of. As for the GOP, it should either go off the fiscal cliff or give Obama everything that he wants and every hour of every day for the next 4 years remind the country that Obama and Democrats OWN the new recession. Republicans warned about, predicted the failure of and voted against the