Nikkofly Wrote:
Nov 14, 2012 12:55 PM
Thompson's record at the BBC, as it relates to who he attacks and who he protects, has been carefully monitored. I can just hear the NYT boardroom meeting now: "Okay comrades, listen up! As you should all know by now,assuming you read my memo, Mr. Thompson has once again proven that he likes and dislikes the same kinds of people that we do. He has not waivered in his 21st century journalistic duty to place news articles unflattering to conservatives above-the-fold, and those articles unflattering to liberals in-the-round-file. This obviously is the man to lead our institution of fairness and decency, this bastion of truth, into our brave new future, as outlined by our messiah -- bless his 2nd coming, may his name be praised."