KYoung43 Wrote:
Nov 14, 2012 12:51 PM
Obama won thanks to massive voter fraud, statistically impossible turnouts and final counts, and with 54 percent of the population saying we are on the wrong track and Obama is clueless as to how to turn things around. He is "personally likeable" though he is a liar. He doesn't even know how many states he is president of. So NOW he's going to change and for the next four years work with Congress? Surely you jest. He's going to do like he did after 2010, double and triple down on the corruption that let him win re-election. Promise more free stuff to the parasite class. Because so few GOP members are claiming foul after 11/6/12, let the Dems run the country further into the ground. Let the unhappy parasites set the whole place on fire.