bmitchell671 Wrote:
Nov 14, 2012 9:02 AM
This Thanksgiving - I am thankful that I am not an ingrate: black ingrate - who don't know that it was Lincoln a Republican that gave slaves their freedom and it was Democrats that demanded Jim Crow laws.Hispanic or Latino ingrates - calling it racism when this country wants to protect our soverignty by protecting our border. As if it is our fault that countries like Mexico and most in Central America are run by corruption and despots - and then WE owe You? for what? we owe you nothing. Asian ingrates - who think they are smarter yet more racist than any group yet vote for Obama. And Gay ingrates - so for 3.5 % of the population we should redefine marriage? Try being Gay in Muslim country or Cuba. Ungrateful minorities -we don't want you.