kmattson Wrote:
Nov 14, 2012 3:33 AM
The only way this country survives Obama and ends the GIVE ME EVERYTHING crowd, is that we need to have the republicans GIVE OBAMA what he wants, raise the tax one the rich, and watch what happens when millions of jobs disappear, and when companies put most of their workforce on PART TIME at 28 hrs a week, with NO HEALTHCARE, and then the republicans need to SAY NO TO ANY FURTHER DEBT LIMIT INCREASE, no more borrowing, and when they yell TELL THEM OBAMA SAID HE COULD FIX IT WITH THE TAX RAISE so FIX IT! Oh and when they are all starving and homeless in the street, tell them to go to WASHINGTON and get Obama to feed them, HE SAID HE COULD DO IT.They voted for it GIVE IT TO THEM, its time they all get to suffer for their choices