gmueller Wrote:
Nov 13, 2012 6:34 PM
As a "Real_American_Dave" , you are not as well informed as you should be. H. Clinton and Osama Obama are working on taking away our second amendment rights.....our right to bare arms, by going through the UN. Osama Obama is giving amnesty to ILLEGALS taking away our jobs AND our social services, that WE pay into. It will be drained dry by the time when WE need it. Osama Obama is allowing Muslim Laws to OVERRIDE/overwrite American Laws. There are many more. ... "How do you intend on stopping it?" IT is going to take "ALL OF US!!", True Americans, Real Americans, Patriots to the Constitution and the Flag WORKING TOGETHER. Get involved with groups on line in facebook. Ie Stand with (any state) against illegal immigration Get news online cio