eastedie Wrote:
Nov 13, 2012 4:48 PM
Denir - you are a political junkie & investigator as I am. Good work and you're on the money! Don't forget the 3 young men from Wright's church who were murdered to cover up their homosexual relationship with Barry Soetero whilst he was in the IL senate. Rev. Wright had a club of up & coming young black men who were gay & he wanted to legitimize them with his "Low Down" club. FLOTUS/POTUS was an arranged marriage by Rev. Wright. After Obama's "kenyan" father left for Kenya, Frank Davis had an affair with Ann Durham - I believe, as others do that Davis is actually BHOs seed. Davis was a card carrying commie. Speaking of Rezko - I think BHO will pardon him and also the blind sheik. Just guessing.